Bilingual schools in Brussels ?

There are different types of bilingual schools in Brussels : bilingual international schools, European schools, bilingual private schools and bilingual public schools.

What are the differences between all these schools ?

bilingual school Brussels

Bilingual international schools

Many international schools in Brussels offers a bilingual education at the kindergarten, primary and secondary level. These internationally minded schools instruct in english with a strong focus on the french language (sometimes dutch language). They offer officially recognised diploma such as the Cambridge International Examination, the International Baccalaureate, the Belgian CEB or CESS…

> List of the International Bilingual Schools in Brussels

European schools

There are currently four European Schools in Brussels:

These schools are mainly reserved for the children of the employees and officials of the European Union (with the exception of the new European School of Waterloo). All four European Schools in Brussels have English, French and German sections and instruct at least two languages in addition to the mother tongue of the children. In total, there are 17 different language sections divided out amongst the four European Schools in Brussels.

> List of the International European Schools in Brussels

Bilingual private schools

Bilingual private schools that are not international school are few in number. They generally offer a bilingual education at nursery and primary level. Other schools with alternative pedagogical approaches function such as Montessori schools in Brussels often offer bilingual education.

Bilingual public schools

As unbelievable as this may be for a city like Brussels, there is not really bilingual public school at present. The creation of a bilingual school would require the joint participation of both communities of the country, which seems difficult politically. The best alternative is the so-called immersion schools ( immersion in French/Dutch-language schools).
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