The Lycée français is opening a Bachibac section in the 2024 school year

Starting from the 2024 school year, the Bachibac will complement the linguistic offerings of the Lycée français Jean Monnet.

This path of excellence allows students to obtain both the French Baccalauréat and the Spanish high school diploma, Bachillerato, upon completion of Terminale (final year of high school).

It is a bilateral certification whose program and exams are jointly defined by the French and Spanish Ministries of Education. It enables students to achieve a high level of language proficiency close to bilingualism by the end of Terminale.

With the Bachibac, students demonstrate intercultural skills and a great openness to the international community. They can pursue higher education in both France and Spain or access the general phase of the Selectividad exam in Spain.
Registrations are open on the Lycée français website.