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25 international schools in Brussels offer a wide range of educational programmes!
Each international school sets itself apart by offering high quality school programmes aimed primarily at the international community living in the capital of the European Union.

Digital Guide 2024/2025 : International schools in Brussels | Available now!

June 2024 edition

Digital Guide 2024/2025


All the information for the start of the 2024/2025 school year in Brussels’ international schools is finally up to date!

About this website gathers plentiful informations about international schools established in and around Brussels in order to help users select the school in relation to their needs.

This website only provides objective informations about these schools and don’t propose any school ranking based on subjective evaluations (personal opinions, feelings or experiences) as this kind of criteria could be irrevelant and manipulated.

In all cases, if you are interested in an international school we encourage you to make your own evaluation by visiting the schools and talking to school administrators, faculty, counseling staff, students and parents.

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