Digital Guide 2020-2021 | Educational system in Brussels and international schools

First edition of the digital guide 2020-2021

The first 100% digital information guide dedicated to the educational system in Brussels and, more specifically, to international schools..

This guide is primarily aimed at parents, expatriates or others, who are planning to enrol their child(ren) in a nursery, primary or secondary school in Brussels and its neighbourhood in the near future.

The guide is composed of 4 chapters and 2 bonuses :



Understanding Brussels as an expatriate
This first part provides a general overview of the current situation for expatriates in Brussels. This chapter also deals with some specific aspects related to Brussels’ culture and history (languages, neighbourhoods, etc.) that must be considered before settling in Brussels.


School system and local schools in Brussels
This section shows the structure of the Belgian school system in Brussels at the educational level (nursery, primary and secondary), as well as more information on the different structures offering free services.


How to choose a school in Brussels?
Choosing a school is not done at random. This section offers many tips that make it easy to find a school that suits your needs. Local school or international school? Large school or small school? Mistakes to avoid for parents looking for a school, etc.


Description of all the international schools in Brussels (+surroundings)
With the help of presentation sheets, this chapter describes the specifics of each of the International Schools in Brussels. Each school therefore has its own fact sheet on which you will find all the relevant information to be taken into account when looking for an international school.


In addition to this guide, you will have access to an online price comparison specifically designed to help you compare international school prices for the 2020/2021 school year.

This comparison has an advanced filter/sorting system and graphs allowing you to clearly see which schools match your search criteria (schools, ages, prices, etc.).


Finally, you will also be able to filter and locate the international schools according to the categories of schools that interest you on a map provided for this purpose.

By using the guide and the bonuses offered as a supplement:

  • you will quickly identify the schools that best suit you.
  • you will have reliable, structured and very recently updated information at your disposal.
  • you will save many hours/days of research.

Email support
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All the information in this guide was updated in June 2020 and is therefore adapted for the start of the 2020-2021 school year.


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