Lycee Français Jean Monnet

The Lycee Français Jean Monnet, located in Uccle (Brussels), provides an education to 2700 students between the ages of 3 and 18 years, representing more than 56 nationalities.

This private school in Brussels hosts approximately 2700 students and offers an education from kindergarten, primary school to the French Baccalauréat.

It is a century-old Lycée which enjoys a reputation for excellence as attested by the academic results of the Baccalaureate students, but also in the various scientific competitions and national and international sports competitions.

The Lycée offers 2 campuses :

  • A bilingual preschool built in 2012 has 300 children from 3 to 5 years old. Children attend classes in two languages ​​(French and English or French and German) and also receive instruction in Dutch.
  • The site of Avenue du Lycée Français welcomes 2,500 students aged 6 to 18 (from CP to Terminale) and has a modern campus with two gymnasiums, two media libraries and a school restaurant

Lycee Français Jean Monnet Bruxelles - exterieur

Av. du Lycée français Campus
Address : Avenue du Lycée français, 9 1180 Bruxelles, Belgique
Email :
Phone : +32 (0)2 374 58 78

Lycée Français Preschool
Address : Chaussée d’Alsemberg, 1351 1180 Bruxelles, Belgique
Email :
Phone : +32 (0)2 374 58 78

Informations générales – Lycee Français Jean Monnet

  • Age : 3 years to 18 years
  • Sections : Preschool, Primary (Elémentaire) and Secondary (Collège et Lycée)
  • Language of instruction : French, English
  • Curriculum : Educational program of French national education completed by a plurilingual educational project
  • Diploma : Diplôme National du Brevet (DNB) and French Baccalaureate*
  • Number of pupils/students in the school : About 2800 pupils/students
  • Native language teachers : Yes
  • Uniform required : No, not required
  • Average class size : 20 to 30. Many courses are taught in group level or half-group
  • optional extra languages : English, German, Spanish, Dutch, Chinese, Italian … many language certifications are available
  • Extracurricular activities : Large range of cultural, artistic and sports activities are offered within the establishment
  • School Bus : 17 bus lines provide links between the school and the surrounding communes

*The French Baccalaureate gives access to higher education in France and abroad.

private tour lycée francais Brussels

June 8, 2024 | Lycée Français private tour – Lycée Français

June 8, 2024 | Lycée Français private tour:
The Lycée Français is organising private tours of its facilities.

Information Private Tour

Education Cycles – Lycee Français Jean Monnet

The Lycée français Jean-Monnet offers a preschool, elementary section, the College and the Lycée: :

  • Preschool : from 3 to 5 years
  • Elementary section (5 années) : from 6 to 10 years
  • Collège and Lycée : from 11 to 18 years

Curriculum – Lycee Français Jean Monnet


In preschool, children follow the class in two languages: French and English or French and German. Therefore, each class is led by a pair of teachers, each speaking in his own language. They also receive a Dutch education.
In preschool classes, children perfect their oral expression and begin to discover the world of writing, numbers and other areas of learning.

Lycée Français Bilingual Preschool


In elementary classes, pupils develop their acquisition in French and mathematics and also open to new teaching: literary culture, history, geography, science and technology.

Lycée Français elementary section


The Lycée Jean-Monnet offers 2 International Sections: English (British SI) and German (German SI).
All 3rd year students prepare the National Diploma of the Brevet. It sanctions the knowledge and skills acquired at the college.
The high school prepares for the French Baccalaureate, key diploma for access to higher education in France and abroad and also offers exams and certifications in languages.

Collège and Lycée at lycée Français

Extracurricular activities – Lycee Français Jean Monnet

Many sports, artistic, cultural and creative activities are offered within the Lycée.

  • Sports activities: badminton, football, basketball, climbing, ultimate frisbee, tennis, handball, step, dance, gymnastics, biathlon …
  • Artistic activities: choral singing, piano, guitar, origami, theater, improvisation, audio-visual …

Students also have the opportunity to participate in international projects;


  • ADN is a program of inter-school French school exchanges in the world, open to students of 2nd class
  • The orchestra of the French lycées of the world (OLFM) gathers 70 student musicians recruited each year among the students of the French lycées of the world. The orchestra performs at 2 concerts in prestigious concert halls in Madrid, Vienna, Paris …


The school has a network of more than 3,000 alumni and organizes annual alumni meetings in Brussels, London and Paris.

Extracurricular activities

Tuitions fees – Lycée Français Jean Monnet

More details about tuitions fees are available HERE

Contact – Lycée Français Jean Monnet

Contact Lycee Français

Last News | Lycée français Jean Monnet

The Lycée français is opening a Bachibac section in the 2024 school year

The Lycée français is opening a Bachibac section in the 2024 school year

Starting from the 2024 school year, the Bachibac will complement the linguistic offerings of the Lycée français Jean Monnet. This path of excellence allows students to obtain both the French Baccalauréat and th …


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